Object-Zero is the third film from the series «Antology of Contemporary Art» by Eugeniy Mitta and Alexander Shein. The film is about Timur Novikov. In the 80's, on the edge of the history of the Soviet state gave birth to new artistic ideas and new aesthetic reality. Leningrad was in avant-garde, and Timur Novikov was the undoubted leader of Leningrad counterculture. The "New Artists", "New Theatre", the group "New Composers", the band «Kino», «Pop-mechanic» of Sergei Kuryokhin were created that time. Yufit - Necrorealists film language. In the mid-'80s, when everything was measured in «five-year plans» in USSR, ASSA gallery had the show "New Vogue", played the first electronic music and did the first performances with John Cage.
  • The icon of the season
    This is the film about ourselves and those who surround us. Everything which is told about in the film is overall truth. The play by Olga Mukhina and then the script for the film is based on 15 interviews of people that really exist. The story is set in an imaginary city heavily reminding Moscow. The characters – among them producers, VJ's and DJ's – talk much about love, but they are not able to feel it. They discuss what they make nothing in.
  • Tania, Number 5
    Tanya works as a taxi driver on the 101 km from Moscow. Here everybody knows each other either personally or familiar through friends. It seems to late passengers they met Tanya not for the first time –heart-to-heart talks and smoked confessions sound in the taxi over and over again. But Tanya being even though the 5th for taxi operators is always the first by her nature. She rakishly cries blue murder at workers who badly washed her car, brings up her children and sales vodka in bulk at night after work.
  • America
    America a tragic story told in a burlesque and ironic way, within a love triangle. Liza, a beautiful young Russian woman, is married to Victor, a small-time crook who lives on scheming and swindling, born and bred in Portugal. Fernanda, the ex wife, who ten year's passed decides to drop by, is the gang leader, an Andalusian Spaniard. Victor has to decide which women to follow, Liza cannot really leave him, Fernanda doesn't really want to stay. The six year old kid hangs everybody by a string. Eastern European newcomers give new business perspectives that are going to rock their small world by the beach: Cova do Vapor. A chaotic neighborhood of precarious housing located at Lisbon's gates, where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic, where fishermen and retired factory workers coexist. An obscure little place, where everything suddenly changes, even the weather. After a violent storm, the gangster's house gets a rusted fishing boat hanging on top of their home. In the midst of the tragedy, there's always room for love, and most of all, hope for a piece paper called passport, sometimes fake!
  • PorNO
    The lead character is a sixteen years old boy. He is on the verge of independent life, he does not have rich relatives able to roll over him, so he takes the bull by the horns. Porno is only the entourage, the gravy train. This illegal business is absolutely accesible for graduate from school without profession. Every business is a time-bomb in our contry.
  • Vinogradov and Dubosarskiy. Commissioned Painting
    A duet of Dubossarskiy and Vinogradov was formed by the middle of Nineties of the ХХ century. For the last 6 years the artists has risen from local celebrities to international fame. Their rightly chosen strategy permits them, being on the top of success, to be understood appropriately by Moscow and international critics. Both project participants graduated from the Surikov Academic Art Institute.
  • Russia 88
    Genre Docudrama – a film based on real facts and events, with documentary interviews used to support the story.
  • Oleg Kulik – challenge and provocation
    An artist Oleg Kulik is currently one of the outstanding representatives of the contemporary Russian art. He participated in many projects of international art institutions (Genta Fine Art Gallery; Venice Biennale 1997, 2001, 2003; Tate Modern; Wilhelm Lehmbruk Museum" of Duisburg; London Freud Museum; Biennale in Valencia; Biennale in San-Paulo; Modern Art Museum in Rome; Guggenheim Museum in New-Yourk and Bilbao) and we can see his works in the world's most prestigious museums. The audience reaction to the Kulik's art is contradictory: from antagonism to admiration.
  • The Birthday of Infanta
    “The Ball is gaining momentum. More and more people come, they represent more and more cities and countries, the guests' costumes are richer and richer. Our Ball is becoming more bright and enchanting! The Ball is a precious ceremony giving ladies a chance to appear in beautiful, outrageous, exotic dresses and gentlemen can enjoy this pretty show.
  • Euphoria
    They saw each other only once. At the drunken wedding. Their eyes met. It was it. Something that they have never known before, something they cannot comprehend happened. Now they cannot live and breathe without each other. As if powerful river stream, almost cosmic magnetism, pulls them together with irresistible intensity. They no longer belong to themselves, their relatives, their friends.
  • The Tap Mixer
    Husband came home from hunting one day, but there…
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